About Us

Who are we?


We are a group of guides very well trained, with great knowledge of this city, tourism and all that is needed to ensure a high quality guided tour. Polyglot people that gives the traveler the experience to discover the city in a pleasant and funny way.


Free Tour ?

The idea of a free tour was born to give a chance to any traveler, regardless of his budget, to enjoy a tour with the highest quality, giving him or her the power to rate the service that is receiving. It’s tip based, that those travelers will give according to their enjoy, ensuring that the guide job is well valued in the highest standars.


Our Mission


Stablish higher quality standards, impose a learn and play system and give a fun alternative to those who are willing to take our tours, knowing that with us, you can learn with games, regardless of your age, because now, more than travel, is to learn while you play.


Who is our target?

any person that is visiting our town, regardless age or language. This tour will adapt to the tourist needs. The average tourist that visits Barcelona is between the 20 and 70’s years old.


What makes us unique?

A new tour model that is fun, but also respecting the seriousness that takes.

Play Tours is looking to make new activities in order to achieve the interaction, healthy competitiveness and accomplish that everything learned be an experience. Know the city, playing. Like any game has a board, our board is the city.